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Useful caravan accessories help make your road trips a lot more comfortable. They are also essential to ensure that your tow vehicle & caravan are safe both on the road and while parked. Having the right caravan accessories can significantly improve your overall caravanning experience.

To help you decide which accessories are best for your tow vehicle & caravan, we have listed our TOP 10 most useful accessories.


Most modern caravans will have built in electric brakes fitted to the van. An electric current to your brakes comes from a brake controller mounted inside your tow vehicle, to make them work. Any trailer or caravan that exceeds 750kg or more must be fitted with a form of independent brakes.

Electric brake controllers ensure the safety of the occupants in the tow vehicle as well as other drivers on the road. They allow more control over the braking force of the caravan or trailer and limit

the pressure on the tow vehicle’s brakes. Noticeable differences when driving with an electric brake controller include less push from behind, easier and quicker stopping. You should also notice a reduction in the jarring of the linkages. By using an electric brake controller, the likelihood of jack-knifing and being overtaken by own caravan or trailer is reduced.



Single axel

750kg – 2000kg

2001kg – 4500kg

Electric Brakes Required?

No Brakes required

Yes – must be fitted with an efficient brake system considered to have brakes operating on the wheels of at least one axel

Yes – must be fitted with an efficient brake system must have brakes operating on all wheels

Brake Away System



The brake system must cause an immediate application of the trailer brakes in the event of the trailer becoming detached from the towing vehicle. Under these circumstances, the brakes must remain applied for at least 15 minutes.



caravan1There are styles & several mounting options for the reverse camera such as on the rear of your car to provide a view of your trailer hitch and tongue – allowing you to hook up with just one person.

A second camera on the rear of your caravan can also allow you to see behind the van, great for merging and overtaking PLUS seeing those tight caravan park sites you need to reverse into.

We can also add cameras to the side of your van to ensure you have a clear view from every angle.







Solar panels provide an additional power source for all your gadgets and appliances. This is a good option to charge your devices and your battery. If you want to save energy, installing a solar panel is a great way to do it.

They are ideal for fixed installation to caravans where power is required to charge battery banks that service multiple appliances. Solar panels can be utilised to extend battery run time when powering multiple accessories. A number of factors that can influence this include: the time of year, weather conditions, battery capacity and how long you run your appliances. 





Dual Battery Systems are an essential part of many people’s set up as they give a dedicated power source for items such as fridges, lights, compressors and inverters without risking the starting battery.

It can also be used to charge devices like mobile phones, iPads, tablets, cameras. If you can charge it via USB – your dual battery system can keep it powered up.




A UHF radio is an essential, non-negotiable tool for any remote-area traveller. Having a good way to communicate with people that you are traveling with and to call for help (in the case of something going wrong!) is a great idea. A small investment could save you from being stranded making sure your trip doesn’t end in disaster!


Choosing the right UHF antenna is important as more powerful antennas can broadcast signals further and clearer. However a lower gain or less powerful antenna can broadcast better in hilly terrain, as the angle of the aerial matters less. Lower gain antennas are 3db or lower, for distance over flat terrain a 6db UHF (ultra high frequency ) antenna or higher will suit better.

Even with a lower gain aerial/antenna it still won't guarantee the signal will be carried 100% clear over a hill. Hills and buildings can still weaken signals but a lower gain antenna will increase the chance of carrying a full clear signal beyond any obstacles.





Did you know that performing regular Caravan 12v wiring repairs & maintenance ensures the safety and comfort of you and your family, and extends the life of your caravan, 4wd or motorhome.
Have you been experiencing problems with your electrics? Accessories not operating or charging like they should be?

Having regular wiring inspections will protect your valuable investments and help prevent costly repairs caused by neglect or void of warranty.




caravan1012 volt power outlets around your car & caravan can make life so much easier. 12 volt sockets can be installed in the spots where you need them rather than running cords everywhere and losing power to fridges & risking overloading etc.

We design each circuit accordingly to suit what you intend to run. Everything from sockets to run fridges outside under the awning, from internal sockets for Cpap machines and tv's. Usb sockets for charging phones etc.... Merit sockets if you have 12volt items running this system. The correct installation of Triple, Double and Single 12volt Acc sockets can add ease to your free camping experience.



caravan11Anderson Charging systems (generally 50amp type) we can customise your setup make your battery system able to be used in ways you never thought possible.

Common uses for Anderson Plugs:
1. Charging Caravan or Camper Trailer Batteries while driving
2. Connecting Electronic Stability Control in caravan to tow vehicle
3. Connect Solar Panel to vehicle or caravan charging system
4. Alternative to cigarette sockets for powering 12 Volt accessories such as a fridge or air compressor



With limited visibility at night on bush tracks or outback roads, good quality driving lights are critical for safe navigation.

LED Light Bars: The amount of vision provided by a 1m LED light bar is massive, nothing else can beat the amount of spread and distance at low watts and amps like an LED off road light bar.

Driving lights: Driving lights are usually installed at the same level as vehicle headlights, or higher. They are used in conjunction with headlights, adding extra illumination that is particularly beneficial for country driving.

Daytime Running Lights: Increasingly prevalent on cars in Australia, daytime running lights switch on automatically when the engine starts in order to increase the visibility of the vehicle to other road users in daylight.



At ELITE CAR SOUND & AUTO ELECTRICAL we offer a wide range of caravan accessories from the top and most trusted brands. The team at Elite specialise in offering a one-on-one consultation to ensure we find the right solution for your needs, tow vehicle, van or trailer setup, planned travel and budget.

With years of experience in the industry we can make the process an easy one for you!! We will explain what each product does, how it works, why you need it or why its optional, the advantages/disadvantages & we will ensure that most importantly you are comfortable & confident in your decision.

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Customer Testimonials

Our company is built with experience, friendliness and proficiency
Daniel "I recently had new speakers installed in my car, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the experience! The team at Elite Car Sound & Auto Electrical were exceptionally friendly and displayed a high level of expertise throughout the installation process. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction were truly commendable. The end result was nothing short of amazing—I now enjoy a superb audio upgrade in my vehicle. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking professional and top-notch car speaker installations. Thank you for a job well done!"
Jon "Elite Car and Sound installed my son’s Apple Car play in his car and reverse camera , the unit was fitted well and Camera too . The entire process has been excellent and very efficient, dealing with Jasmin and co have been no trouble at all .The total price was also worth the trip to Tumbi Umbi , I highly recommend Elite Car and sound if looking at installing any system."
Paul "I have just had electric brakes installed in my car, I rang up for a quote and booked in for the job. They sent a courtesy email to remind me for the job the next day. I Arrived and was given a time frame for the job to be done it was done well within that timeframe which was pleasing, I must say this has been one of the most simple easy installs without any hassles. They even set up my extra warranty. It was just straight in job done straight out no hassles they sent me how to Calibrate instructions which were very simple the job was done very well very neat and tidy. Looks like it’s part of the car very happy with the job. It was just so simple. I would recommend elite car sound any time, thank you very much guys very happy!"
Peter C "Thanks to Elite Car Sound and Audio for the amazing job they have done for me. The workmanship was top notch , the communication was first class and their customer service was some of the best of any company i have done business with anywhere. The Advance Ice system they installed into my next gen Everest is next level and the extra wiring for my towing needs neat and professional. I would recommend them them to anyone."
Paul "I had my new 4WD set up with dashcams, lithium battery and towing wiring for our new van. Couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Jasmine provided fantastic customer service, Alex gave me great advice ahead of the work and the team in the workshop got the job done professionally, cleanly and on time. No hesitation in recommending Elite if you’re looking for any auto electrical work."
Louise "Reception staff knowledgeable re their products and could easily and quickly inform me of differences to help me choose the right product for me. Work was done efficiently and a problem found discussed and addressed. The staff went the extra mile for me by housing my camper overnight before day of work and again when I was required to have a day surgery on Collection day. Very smooth and thrilled to have a working radio with all the extras."
James "Had redarc brake controller installed .Install was done very professionaly, and vehicle was ready to pick up at lunch .Also would like to say that the girls in the shop know there stuff don't hesitate to ask them any questions. Cheers .."
Ken "Easy to talk to, helpful in deciding the exact solution, prompt in performing the work and a very tidy professional result. Elite were recommended by my mechanic who I have used and trusted for 8 years and his choice was right on."